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Students who reach 56 IU GPA credits or above (including any additional transfer credits) and are enrolled in University College must quickly transition to their major in the degree-granting school to ensure on-time graduation. University College will regularly monitor and evaluate the student’s academic progress toward admission to their degree-granting school. This policy applies to University College continuing, returning, and transferred students who have earned 56 or more credits and are pursuing their first undergraduate degree.

Continuing students: defined as students who were enrolled at IUPUI the previous semester.
Returning students: defined as students who return to enroll at IUPUI after an absence of one or more semesters and were not previously dismissed from an IU campus.
Transfer students: defined as students who transfer to IUPUI with 56 credits or more from another institution within or outside of the IU system.
Satisfactory academic progress: maintain IU cumulative GPA of 2.0; enroll in and successfully complete courses that meet the criteria for admission into the degree-granting school.
  1. Students must apply or certify to their degree-granting program or school within 24 credits of entering this policy status. Enrollment through University College is not guaranteed upon completion of 24 credits while on this policy.
  2. Students will be placed on this policy with said restrictions for the duration of their enrollment as a University College student. Students will maintain an academic hold on their record for the duration of their enrollment as a University College student.
  3. The academic hold will restrict registration services.
  4. Students must declare a specific major and develop a transition plan toward that major. University College reserves the right to restrict registration services until the student declares a major.
  5. Students will be required to meet with an academic advisor in University College each semester to complete and/or update their Transition to Degree-Granting Schools Contract until they are accepted into their program.
  6. Students must enroll in course work and meet course and program GPA requirements each semester as evidence of satisfactory academic progress towards acceptance into their degree program. University College reserves the right to restrict registration services if students fail to make satisfactory academic progress toward acceptance into their degree program.
  7. Students must maintain a cumulative IU GPA of 2.0 to maintain enrollment.
Dismissal and Reinstatement:
  1. Current students will be dismissed from University College and IUPUI if their cumulative IU GPA falls below 2.0 and the semester GPA of the most recent term of enrollment is below a 2.0. Summer terms are excluded in determining dismissal.
  2. New transfer students who have attempted a minimum of 12 credits at IUPUI during their first semester will have their first two semesters of enrollment to achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above. Summer sessions impact students’ credit hours and GPAs only. Failure to obtain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 by the end of the second semester of enrollment will result in dismissal from University College and IUPUI.
  3. Students who are dismissed from any IU campus are not eligible to enroll in any courses through IUPUI University College until they have been reinstated through the University College academic reinstatement process.
  4. Students who are dismissed on this policy may petition for reinstatement through University College after sitting out one regular semester (fall or spring—summer sessions excluded). Reinstatement is not guaranteed. If this is their second dismissal, students must sit out a minimum of two regular semesters (fall and spring or spring and fall—summer sessions excluded) before they can petition for reinstatement.
  5. Students who are reinstated under this policy must obtain a first semester GPA of 2.3 to continue enrollment in University College. They must obtain a semester GPA of 2.0 in all subsequent semesters to continue enrollment. Failure to do so will result in dismissal.
Adopted: 1998 (with move from Office of Admissions to newly formed University College)
Revised: 4/05; 5/08; 9/11; 4/14
Current Policy Approved by UCOL Faculty 4/11/14