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Academic Reinstatement

Students who have been dismissed from any campus of Indiana University are not eligible to enroll in any courses through IUPUI University College until they have been reinstated. By completing the online reinstatement petition, students are requesting reinstatement to IUPUI University College.

How to Petition for Academic Reinstatement

  1. Complete the application below between the appropriate dates for the semester in which you prefer to return.
  2. Spring Semester: August 1 to October 1
    Fall Semester: April 1 to June 1
  3. Pay the nonrefundable fee of $55 after submitting your petition. If you would prefer not to pay by credit card, you may pay by mail or in person using a money order. Personal checks and cash are not accepted. Please contact Beth Baker (information below) to coordinate payment by money order.
  4. Allow up to seven weeks for the Retention Committee to review your petition. You will be notified via email on the acceptance or denial of your reinstatement petition.
  5. Update your admission status with IUPUI. You can use the appropriate method below based on your current status.
    1. Transferring from another IU campus
      Complete the intercampus transfer application if you have attended or are currently attending another IU campus.
    2. Returning after two or more semesters
      Complete the returning student application if you have not attended IUPUI or an IU campus within the past two semesters.
    3. Returning after one semester
      Admission-related action is not needed if you have only been out for one semester.
Begin Petition

For more information, please contact:
Beth Baker, Returning Student Specialist
Academic and Career Development
University College
(317) 274-4313

Academic Reinstatement Policy

  1. Reinstatement will be the decision of the school to which students are petitioning.
  2. Students’ chances of readmission will be enhanced by taking workshops, removing grades of incomplete, undertaking assessment of their academic problems, and providing evidence of their ability to complete successful academic work upon their reinstatement to IUPUI.
  3. Students who are reinstated will be classified as probationary students until their cumulative IU GPA is 2.0 or above. During the first regularly enrolled semester on probation, students must achieve a semester GPA of at least a 2.3. In each subsequent semester on probation, students must achieve a semester GPA of 2.0. Failure to meet the semester GPA requirement will result in dismissal.
  4. Students who are reinstated must register before the first day of classes of the term for which they are reinstated. If a student does not register, registration will be blocked on the first day of classes. In addition, a note will be placed in the student’s file indicating that the student failed to meet the registration deadline. 
  5. Readmission after a second dismissal is extremely rare. Students dismissed two or more times who are reinstated must remain in good academic standing each semester as there will be no further reinstatements.*

*Procedure for #5: Students who wish to petition for reinstatement must contact the student services specialist to schedule an appointment with the assistant director for student success and retention and provide a detailed plan in writing about how they plan to achieve academic success. If the assistant director approves the initial request, students will then be required to submit a formal petition for reinstatement by the deadline for the semester in which they plan to attend. 

Please Note: The School of Liberal Arts, School of Science, and University College, in agreement with this common policy, will honor academic probation and dismissal status from other units when students have an IU cumulative GPA below 2.0. Students may also be academically dismissed or released from a particular program if they do not make consistent and appropriate academic progress relevant to their fields of study. This is left to the discretion of the appropriate officer in the school. Students who are dismissed for the first time from IUPUI, IU Bloomington, Purdue, IU regional campuses, or other IUPUI schools must sit out for a minimum of one regular (fall or spring) semester and petition by the established deadlines to be eligible for reinstatement.

Editorial Revision: 12/07/2015