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University College welcomes you to IUPUI. We are entering into a partnership for your academic success. We ask you to commit to this partnership.

IUPUI provides resources to help you reach your goals. Your responsibility is to work at your highest academic level and to strive for academic excellence in your studies.

Our role in this partnership is to help you:

  • Acquire the information you need to take advantage of the educational opportunities available to you
  • Define your goals and plan appropriate academic programs and strategies
  • Meet the requirements for entry into a degree-granting school

IUPUI carries out this role by providing the following resources to help you:

Your role in this partnership is to:

—Get to know your professors. Visit your professors and ask questions.
  • Get involved in the classroom discussion.
  • Ask simple questions before or after class.
  • Professors have office hours. Visit your professor during office hours for more complex questions. Office hours and the location should be listed on the syllabus.
  • E-mail your professors, but don’t expect an immediate response. It may take a couple of days for the professor to respond.
—Stay in contact with your academic advisor.
  • Your assigned advisor’s contact information is available in your Student Center in OneStart.
  • Make and keep your first advising appointment.
  • E-mail your academic advisor on a regular basis with questions.
  • Meet with your academic advisor each semester for planning and guidance.
—Attend all your classes, manage your time, and allow sufficient study time.
  • If you have to miss a class, it is your responsibility to make up for the missed class time and work.
  • Make school your #1 priority! Demonstrate this by committing to attend all classes every day.
  • Time Management Resources:
    • Create a to-do list.
    • Create a weekly schedule.
    • Create priorities.
    • Mindsweep. 
  • Complete all your assignments on time:
    • Read your syllabus. A syllabus is a document that will outline all course requirements. Think of the syllabus as a contract between you and your professor.
    • Plan ahead.
    • Use a planner to help you keep track of all assignments, projects, and exams and quizzes.
    • Ask questions.
  • How to Study:
    • Create an ideal study area.
    • Form a study group.
  • Allow sufficient time for out-of-class learning. We recommend two to three hours of outside study per week for each credit hour of class.
—Respect the dignity and intrinsic value of all persons.
—Be a contributing and active member to the progress and greater good of the community.
—Maintain the honor and integrity of the university community by following the Student Code of Conduct.
—Strive for academic excellence and discovery for yourself, others, and the university.
—Enjoy the intellectual challenges and opportunities that your decision to attend IUPUI will bring to you.

This Partnership for Academic Excellence is a cooperative approach between University College and you for your academic success and is a sincere good faith expression to help you achieve your academic goals.

Kathy Johnson, PhD
Dean of University College
Representing the faculty, staff, and students of University College