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Diversity Committee 

The committee will review the culture of University College with a goal to promote an inclusive environment for faculty, staff, and students. The committee will focus on promoting multiculturalism in recruitment, curriculum, professional development, communications, and workplace climate.


  • Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Ex Officio
  • Wendy Crandall, Administrative Support
  • Sara Allaei
  • Xiaoqiu Bao
  • Shai Collier
  • Heather Davis
  • Gloria Diaz
  • Karina Garduno
  • Gina Sanchez Gibau
  • Nancy Goldfarb
  • Michelle Maloney-Mangold
  • Mayuri Patel
  • Jessicah Rauch
  • Johnny Russell
  • Khalilah Shabazz
  • Michelle Smith
  • AC Stokes
  • Regina Turner, Chair
  • Sylvia White-Hooks
  • Eric Williams
  • Carlos Zapata

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