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Student Mentors

University College is very proud of its large corps of student mentors—undergraduates who work in a variety of programs to enhance the learning experiences of IUPUI students. All University College student mentors are awarded scholarships in recognition of the tremendous work they do on behalf of the IUPUI student body. The mentors are carefully trained for their specific mentoring roles, and they also enroll in courses throughout their mentoring experiences designed to help them enhance their academic service. The following descriptions offer specific information about the work of our University College student mentors.

Orientation Mentors

The OTEAM is a group of undergraduate students who lead the summer orientation programs and mentor in the first-year seminar courses during the fall and spring semesters. OTEAM members receive the University College Leadership Scholarship for their service to the campus community.

The interactive orientation day is facilitated by the positive, fun, and knowledgeable OTEAM. The role of an orientation leader is to assist new and transfer students along with their family guests through the orientation day. Orientation leaders help students acquire their JagTags, verify their technology accounts, explore the campus, learn about the Office of Student Involvement, participate in advising workshops, and register for classes.

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Mentoring First-Year Seminars

First-year seminar mentors are members of the instructional team for the course. The mentor's role is to serve as a role model for the new students enrolled in the course. The student mentor helps introduce new students to resources, expectations, successful academic habits, and the campus community.

Bepko Learning Center Mentors

Structured Learning Assistance (SLA) Mentors

SLA mentors conduct a mandatory one-hour-per-week directed study and practice session that is attached to a high-risk-for-failure gateway course. SLA is course-content centered. Study and learning skills are applied to the specific course materials. Mentors assist students in making connections between the lessons and lectures of the class. SLA is a mechanism for teaching students how to work collaboratively and how to form study teams.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Mentors

An SI mentor is a learning assistant who is content competent in a particular subject. SI mentors assist other students in gaining a better understanding of the course content, and they help develop learning skills to enhance students’ academic experience. SI mentors demonstrate processes and methodologies associated with the learning experience (e.g., learning strategies, note-taking skills, listening skills, and test anxiety). This academic mentor is not a tutor, but rather a facilitator who helps students develop the thinking and reasoning skills that characterize intellectual maturity. An SI mentor is available to undergraduate students as an academic guide, an empathetic listener, a resource guide, and, most of all, a supportive friend.

Resource Center Mentors

Resource mentors serve as empathetic listeners to student concerns and advocates for IUPUI students. The mentors are trained in the interviewing skills necessary to make them active, helpful, and nonjudgmental listeners. They work one on one with individual students, empowering them in their quest to succeed academically and socially. Furthermore, mentors conduct thorough, ongoing follow-ups with all students after the initial contact. Mentors provide students with resources to help them determine their individual learning styles and make subsequent suggestions. In addition, mentors refer students to other campus resources such as academic advising, University Writing Center, Speaker’s Lab, Office of Student Involvement programs, Office of International Affairs, and Counseling and Psychological Services. Mentors also encourage students to interact with instructors and departmental staff.

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