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Indiana College Access and Success Network

The Indiana College Access and Success Network (ICASN) Summit provides a platform to share research, analysis, and advocacy in improving postsecondary access, retention, and graduation. A yearly fall conference is hosted in Indianapolis, and faculty and staff professionals from secondary and postsecondary educational institutions as well as nonprofit organizations devoted to education are invited to attend. Membership exceeds 200.

Save the Date: September 19, 2014

The next meeting will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana, at the IUPUI Campus Center. Concurrent sessions will include:

  • Academic Preparation for College—curriculum, competency-based education, diploma types, dual credit 
  • Today’s High School Students—ESL, mental health, intellectual and physical disabilities, use of social networking and technology 
  • Education Equality and College Preparation—online, private, public, charter, GED, and early college 
  • Best Practices in College Prep—college counselors in high school, parental involvement and support, STEM, pipeline programs 
  • Cultural Competency and Global Awareness—how it is taught
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