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Outstanding Advisor Award

The University College Outstanding Advisor must have been employed by the University College Academic and Career Development Center for at least one calendar year prior to receiving the award. Advisors are eligible to receive the award more than once if at least two years have passed since being named University College Outstanding Advisor.

New Advisor Award:
For staff employed as an advisor in University College between one and three years.
Veteran Advisor Award:
For staff employed as an advisor in University College for three or more years.

Nomination and Selection Process


A call for nominations will be sent to all University College students (fall and spring enrollees) with a request to identify an outstanding academic advisor. Nominations will be submitted through Survey Central. The assistant director of assessment is responsible for working with the director of technology to update the survey and to e-mail it to the students.


A call for nominations will be sent to ACD staff on Monday, February 3, 2014.

Nominations will close on February 21, 2014.


The five advisors receiving the most nominations will be considered finalists for the award. Finalists will be asked to submit limited supporting materials.

A selection committee comprised of the award recipients from the previous two years, the assistant dean, director of advising, and three members of the Faculty Roles, Rewards, and Recognition committee will review all materials and select the University College Outstanding Advisor.

Finalists selected and notified by March 7, 2014

Materials to complete application due March 21, 2014


Selection committee meeting will be held week of April 1, 2013.


The Outstanding Advisor Award will be announced at University College and ACD awards programs as appropriate. Winners will be nominated for JACADA Advisor of the Year award in February 2015.

Advisor Provided Support Materials

Each advisor who has been selected as a finalist for the Outstanding Advisor Award will be asked to provide the following materials:

  • Statement of advising philosophy (not to exceed one page)
  • Updated resume or curriculum vita
  • Narrative addressing the following award criteria (not to exceed three pages):
    • Mentoring of students in out-of-class settings
    • Involvement with students beyond normal and expected requirements of the advising position
    • Exhibiting a caring and helpful attitude toward students through good listening skills, availability to students, and treating students with fairness and respect
    • Ability to help students creatively develop coherent and meaningful academic plans

Selection Matrix

Finalists for the University College Outstanding Advisor Award will be judged on the following criteria using evidence from student nominations, comments from advising colleagues, and advisor provided materials:

  • Exhibiting a caring and helpful attitude toward students, including strong listening skills, availability to students, and treating students with fairness and respect
  • Assisting students in setting academic and career goals, plans for achieving those goals, and monitoring student progress toward those goals
  • Knowledge of degree requirements, academic policies and procedures, and campus resources
  • Creativity and support in helping students overcome obstacles to academic success
  • Going above and beyond the normal expectations of advisors as exhibited by activities such as mentoring in out-of-class settings and active participation in University College/IUPUI events and programs


2014–2015 Enjoli Hampton-Brown and Iyabode Okoro
2013–2014 Morris Jones and Martha Marshall
2012–2013 Loren Bumbalough and Suzanne Guinn
2011–2012 Beth Goodman
2010–2011 Gwen Hobley and Frank Rowen
2009–2010 Rebecca Wald Stoker
2008–2009 Samantha Walters
2007–2008 Asha McCauley
2006–2007 Julie Mills
2005–2006 Kyle McCool
2003–2004 Yvonne Fitzgerald
2002–2003 Gloria Quiroz
2001–2002 Larry W. Hill
2000–2001 Melissa Phillips Cooper