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Outstanding Service to Students Award

The University College Outstanding Service to Students Award is awarded to a new and a veteran student success advisor or career consultant in Academic and Career Development who demonstrate qualities and practices according to the criteria outlined below.

Eligibility Requirements

The recipients must work as a student success advisor or career consultant and have been employed by Academic and Career Development in University College for at least one calendar year prior to receiving the award. The award can be received more than once if at least two years have passed since it was last received.

  • New Staff Award—for staff employed one to three years
  • Veteran Staff Award—for staff employed for three or more years

Selection Process

Students are asked to nominate staff members in late January to early February through an online survey. Communications to students include posters, digital signage, emails, and a link to the survey through the appointment follow-up email. The top three veteran and new staff members with the highest number of nominations are then reviewed by ACD leadership for supervisor approval and then passed on to the selection committee for review. 

The selection committee consists of at least two faculty members and at least two award recipients from the previous year or two. The top nominees are to submit their documents, which include a professional philosophy statement, resume, and other supporting materials to the Box site. The selection committee members review the materials and complete an evaluation sheet for each nominee. The evaluation sheets are reviewed by ACD leadership for the nominees with the highest scores. Award recipient information is due to the DUE Awards Convocation Committee in March or April to be included in the program.

Award Criteria

The selection committee will evaluate nominations on the evidence of qualities and practices that distinguish the nominee in the following categories:

  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
    • Creates meaningful relationships with students
    • Conveys a positive attitude in day-to-day work with students
    • Communicates information clearly and concisely
    • Shows empathy and a spirit of caring for students
  • Academic and Career Advising Knowledge and Skills
    • Conveys information accurately
    • Is knowledgeable about area of expertise and makes few errors
    • Makes appropriate referrals
    • Monitors student progress and makes effort to reach out to students at risk
    • Conveys understanding of the developmental needs of students
    • Seeks training and professional development opportunities
  • Approach to Diversity
    • Demonstrates an understanding of the unique needs of students from diverse backgrounds
    • Seeks opportunities to learn more about diverse student populations
    • Conveys concern for all students
  • Teamwork
    • Shows evidence of contributions to the ACD and cluster team
    • Brings unique ideas or innovations to the ACD and/or cluster team
    • Conveys a positive team spirit, attitude, behavior


2015–2016 Liz Freedman and Matt Boling
2014–2015 Enjoli Hampton-Brown and Iyabode Okoro
2013–2014 Morris Jones and Martha Marshall
2012–2013 Loren Bumbalough and Suzanne Guinn
2011–2012 Beth Goodman
2010–2011 Gwen Hobley and Frank Rowen
2009–2010 Rebecca Wald Stoker
2008–2009 Samantha Walters
2007–2008 Asha McCauley
2006–2007 Julie Mills
2005–2006 Kyle McCool
2003–2004 Yvonne Fitzgerald
2002–2003 Gloria Quiroz
2001–2002 Larry W. Hill
2000–2001 Melissa Phillips Cooper