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Bepko Learning Center

As part of University College, the Bepko Learning Center’s programs are based on a belief that highly successful students can play an integral role in the academic development of their peers. Collaborative learning, role modeling, peer interaction, and peer support are all components of this process. Mentoring is different from tutoring in that students are not provided with the answers to their questions but are guided in the right direction by their mentor and by collaborative interaction with other students. Through this process, students learn valuable skills that will be beneficial to them throughout their academic careers. The Bepko Learning Center provides help to students through three different components: academic enrichment, academic mentoring, and tutorial support.

The central focus of the Resource Desk is to be a source for students to obtain general information about the campus and methods of improving their academic success. The first responsibility of resource mentors is to provide for the needs of individual students on a daily basis by interacting with students and following up with their concerns, issues, problems, and questions. The mentors at the Resource Desk also provide support for the academic mentors as well as the administrative and leadership staff.

For more information, please visit http://blc.uc.iupui.edu/AcademicEnrichment/OfficeofAcademicEnrichment.aspx.

The central focus of the Office of Academic Mentoring is to provide support services to academic peer mentoring programs in various courses. It is our mission to recruit, train, and develop highly qualified student mentors to provide students with assistance in successfully navigating through these courses. Promoting communication and collaboration between students, mentors, and instructors is a core principle of the Office of Academic Mentoring. Continued development and sustainability is maintained through ongoing training, seminars, consistent meetings, and campus and community outreach.

For more information, please visit http://blc.uc.iupui.edu/AcademicMentoring/OfficeofAcademicMentoring.aspx.

The Office of Tutorial Support strives to serve all IUPUI undergraduate students in connecting them with departmental-certified tutoring assistance with a major focus on gateway courses. In conjunction with all departments on campus, it is the Office of Tutorial Support's mission to disseminate peer and departmental academic support services to students and to publicize specialized support programs provided to specific student populations.

For more information, please visit http://blc.uc.iupui.edu/TutorialSupport/OfficeofTutorialSupport.aspx

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Bepko Learning Center

Second Floor of Taylor Hall
Mark Minglin
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