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Take 25% Off Every Undergraduate Course

Let IU help you reach your goals. By taking summer courses, you will save money, graduate on time (or early!), and have an extra incentive to explore new classes. So, get ready to break out the shorts, flip-flops, and laptops and let the learning and saving begin.

  • Save money. Students who take a full course load this summer will save from $700 to $900. And less money spent means more money in your pocket.
  • Graduate on time, or early. Taking summer courses gives you a leg up in your program, and can mean the difference between graduating in three and a half to four years, instead of five or six.  
  • Study close to home. Summer often means leaving school to go home to work or hang with friends and family. Why not fit in a class? Lucky for you, IU has campuses all across the state. There’s bound to be one near you.  
  • Explore your options. With such a deep discount, why not try that course you’ve always wanted to take? College is about taking risks and finding out about yourself, after all. 

The amount of your summer tuition discount depends on your status as a student. Indiana resident undergraduates receive a 25% discount on summer courses; non-resident undergraduates will receive a dollar discount in their tuition equal to the 25% discount that in-state students receive.

We are serious about savings. Students can use the summer tuition discount on every single undergraduate course available at all IU campuses, except IU Bloomington. Summer tuition discount includes online courses. Check out the 2014 Summer Schedule of Classes for the full list of offerings.

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