Outstanding First-Year Student Advocate Award

Recognizing and Celebrating Efforts

The Barbara D. Jackson Outstanding First-Year Student Advocate Award recognizes and celebrates the efforts of IUPUI faculty, staff, and administrators who provide leadership in creating a positive learning environment for first-year students. Recipients will be recognized at the Division of Undergraduate Education Spring Awards Convocation, receive a plaque, and be awarded a $1,000 monetary award.


The purpose is to recognize significant contributions of IUPUI faculty, staff, and administrators to the academic development and/or personal lives of first-year students through innovative programs and curricular change.


The award is open to any full-time or part-time IUPUI faculty, staff, or administrator with a requirement of at least three years of service at the IUPUI campus.

Award Criteria

  • Evidence that contributions are significant, at either the departmental, unit, or campus level, in contributing to positive learning environments for first-year students.
  • Evidence that contributions are sustainable over time.
  • Evidence that contributions are innovative and demonstrate best practice.
  • Evidence that dissemination of information about program, technique, or curricular innovation (e.g., presentations, publications, products) has occurred. 
  • Documented assessment of impact on student learning, student satisfaction, or student persistence and retention.


  1. The primary nominator, who is normally a supervisor or peer who has worked closely with the nominee, completes the nomination form and writes a letter supporting the nomination.
  2. The nominee completes a nomination dossier that includes:
    • Personal narrative (up to four pages) that describes and documents how award criteria are met.
    • A CV or professional resume.
    • Three letters supporting the nomination (this includes letter required from nominator).

Nominations are closed!

Nominations for the 2017-18 Barbara D. Jackson Outstanding First-Year Student Advocate Award are now closed. Nominations will reopen in fall 2018 for the 2018-19 award. Thank you!