Outstanding First-Year Student Advocate Award

Recognizing and Celebrating Efforts

The Barbara D. Jackson Outstanding First-Year Student Advocate Award recognizes and celebrates the efforts of IUPUI faculty, staff, and administrators who provide leadership in creating a positive learning environment for first-year students. Recipients will be recognized at the Division of Undergraduate Education Spring Awards Convocation, receive a plaque, and be awarded a $1,000 monetary award.


The purpose is to recognize significant contributions of IUPUI faculty, staff, and administrators to the academic development and/or personal lives of first-year students through innovative programs and curricular change.


The award is open to any full-time or part-time IUPUI faculty, staff, or administrator with a requirement of at least three years of service at the IUPUI campus.

Award Criteria

  • Evidence that contributions are significant, at either the departmental, unit, or campus level, in contributing to positive learning environments for first-year students.
  • Evidence that contributions are sustainable over time.
  • Evidence that contributions are innovative and demonstrate best practice.
  • Evidence that dissemination of information about program, technique, or curricular innovation (e.g., presentations, publications, products) has occurred. 
  • Documented assessment of impact on student learning, student satisfaction, or student persistence and retention.


  1. The primary nominator, who is normally a supervisor or peer who has worked closely with the nominee, completes the nomination form and writes a letter supporting the nomination.
  2. The nominee completes a nomination dossier that includes:
    • Personal narrative (up to four pages) that describes and documents how award criteria are met.
    • A CV or professional resume.
    • Three letters supporting the nomination (this includes letter required from nominator).

Deadline to submit nominations is Friday, February 23, 2018.
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Past Recipients

2017 Lisa Angermeier
2016 Andrea Engler
2015 Jeff Watt
2014 Kate Thedwall
2013 Crystal Garcia
2012 Nancy Lamm
2011 Phyllis Washington
2010 Jan DeWester
2009 David Sabol
2008 Francia Kissel

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