Student Support Programs

Excel Through College

Everything that matters during the first year at IUPUI

IUPUI is focused on student success. With more than 20 programs and events, University College is the mecca for excelling through college and graduating on time. Programming includes first-year seminars, themed learning communities, bridge programs, student-focused advising, tutoring, and multiple peer-mentoring initiatives—all designed to aid students in their transition to the university. College is challenging, which is why University College provides dynamic resources to help students meet their goals.

University College provides a setting where faculty, staff, and students share in the responsibility for making IUPUI a supportive and challenging environment for learning.

  • 21st Century Scholars Success Program

    The 21st Century Scholars Success Program supports IUPUI 21st Century Scholars with a diverse array of programs and services.

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  • Academic and Career Development

    Academic and Career Development facilitates students’ academic and career success by providing programs and services that engage students in exploring and committing to educational and career goals, developing and implementing meaningful academic plans, transitioning into degree-granting schools, and translating learning to the world of work.

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  • Bepko Learning Center

    The Bepko Learning Center’s programs are based on a belief that highly successful students can play an integral role in the academic development of their peers.

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  • Bowen Scholars Program

    Through the generosity of the Bowen Family Foundation, we are now able to offer the Bowen Scholars Program at IUPUI for selected Ivy Tech Bowen Scholars. This scholarship provides monthly workshops, mentoring, a computer lab, up to $1,000 per semester toward the cost of attendance, and a living stipend of $1,000 per semester for up to three years.

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  • Diversity Enrichment and Achievement Program

    The mission of the Diversity Enrichment and Achievement Program (DEAP) is to enhance the transition and success of IUPUI students from populations that have been traditionally underrepresented in higher education by addressing academic, social, and personal matters that have an impact on persistence.

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  • Fostering Success Program

    The Fostering Success Program is designed to empower students to develop their capacity for personal growth and self-authorship. Eligible students who are selected to engage in the program participate in Summer Bridge, a first-year seminar, peer mentoring, success coaching, and coordinated activities. These activities provide experiences beyond the classroom, such as workshops, cultural events, excursions, and retreats.

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  • Health and Life Sciences Advising Center

    The Health and Life Sciences Advising Center collaborates with campus partners to provide students at all levels in a variety of academic disciplines with the information and guidance needed to explore, plan for, and enter fields in the life sciences as well as traditional health professions.

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  • Life–Health Sciences Internship Program

    The Life–Health Sciences Internship program (LHSI) connects IUPUI life and health sciences undergraduates with research and professional experience internships on and near the IUPUI campus.

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  • Mathematics Assistance Center

    The Mathematics Assistance Center (MAC) is a unique approach to education focusing on the potential for building a campuswide support and collaboration for the work done in first access to content (e.g., lecture, adaptive learning technology, flipped classroom engagement). The model further empowers the use of peer-to-peer interactions and collaborations within the context of the teaching and learning of mathematics.

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  • National Student Exchange

    The National Student Exchange is a study away opportunity that allows students to take new courses, see new places, make new friends, and enroll in academic options that may not be available on their own campuses. 

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  • Nina Scholars Program

    The Nina Mason Pulliam Legacy Scholars Program offers students who face significant barriers to educational success an opportunity to obtain a bachelor's degree at IUPUI. The program targets lower-income individuals who were either raised in the child welfare system (such as foster care), have physical disabilities, or are returning adults with dependents. Applicants must meet certain requirements to be selected for the program.

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  • Orientation

    Orientation is designed to introduce students to the campus and to the many services and resources provided for all students. Whether students are in their first year or they are transferring from another university, the orientation team is here to ensure students have everything they need for the first day of classes.

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  • SPAN

    The IUPUI SPAN Division allows academically motivated high school students to enroll in college classes on the IUPUI campus. Developed in 1984, SPAN is designed to help students either get a head start on their college education or take courses that are not offered at their high schools.

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  • Office of Student Employment

    The Office of Student Employment provides resources and empowers students to find meaningful, academically relevant work experiences that enhance both academic and personal success.

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  • Student Support Services

    Student Support Services (SSS) is a program to help specially selected students from the time they come through orientation until they graduate. A proven program of information, support, and guidance helps provide SSS students with the academic and personal support necessary to excel at IUPUI.

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  • Summer Bridge

    Summer Bridge is an eight-day program that’s all about teaching new students the ins and outs of being an IUPUI Jaguar. Our goal is to help students feel prepared for their first semester of college and beyond. During Summer Bridge, students will make new friends in a relaxed setting; learn more about their schools and majors; receive early support in math, writing, and communication studies; and even begin some of their fall class work.

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  • Themed Learning Communities

    Themed learning communities (TLCs) involve two or more discipline-based courses paired with an integrative first-year seminar in which entering students enroll. TLCs engage students, faculty, librarians, advisors, and others in a community of learners that explore interdisciplinary connections both in and out of the classroom.

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  • Transfer Student Services

    The Office of Transfer Student Services supports all transfer students after the point of admission by facilitating seamless pathways and by coordinating programming and resources to ensure successful transition, persistence, and graduation.

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  • Upward Bound

    IUPUI Upward Bound provides low-income, first-generation potential college students quality instruction and academic support to ensure their successful completion of a bachelor’s degree.

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