Executive Committee

The University College Executive Committee will include five University College faculty members holding full-time tenured academic appointments from their respective schools, elected by the faculty, each for a two-year term; the dean; and the associate dean. The terms will be staggered with three persons to be elected in one year and two in the succeeding year. Members shall be elected at the last regularly scheduled meeting of the appropriate academic year. In the absence of a meeting at the scheduled time because of unforeseen circumstances, an electronic ballot will be utilized. The terms of service shall be two years to commence at the end of the spring semester (or May 31) prior to the start of the fall semester after the election. No University College Executive Committee member shall be eligible for a third consecutive complete term. In the event a member cannot complete his or her term, the committee will create an ad hoc subcommittee to choose a successor.


  • Jay Gladden, Ex Officio
  • Susan Schaefer, Fiscal Officer
  • Heather Carson, Administrative Support
  • Andy Gavrin
  • Gina Sanchez Gibau*
  • Bill Orme
  • Irene Queiro-Tajalli
  • Jennifer Thorington Springer
*University College Representative to Faculty Council