Principles and Norms

Mission Statement

University College is the academic unit at IUPUI that provides a common gateway to the academic programs available to entering students. University College coordinates existing university resources and develops new initiatives to promote academic excellence and enhance student persistence. It provides a setting where faculty, staff, and students share in the responsibility for making IUPUI a supportive and challenging environment for learning. 


University College will achieve its mission through the:

  • Promotion of student learning
  • Focus on individual student success
  • Establishment of its own traditions and recognition of accomplishments
  • Provision of a quality first-year experience
  • Development of strong connections with the degree-granting units
  • Commitment to faculty and staff development
  • Creation of a community that values diversity
  • Implementation of collaborative governance built on individual responsibility
  • Commitment to intentional reflection and assessment


We will:

  • Regularly attend meetings with calendars
  • Engage in active participation
  • Get out electronic feedback to groups within five days
  • Communicate with schools/colleagues on University College issues
  • Be responsive to requests for participation
  • Strive to operate by consensus
  • Value and respect diverse opinions
  • Support group discussions