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The mission of the UCSC is to develop first-year students into leaders through involvement on campus while easing their transition to college. This is for the purpose of bettering the student environment on the IUPUI campus while representing University College in the undergraduate student government. UCSC encourages the building of connections and community among University College students to promote a sense of belonging at IUPUI.

UCSC Funding Committee

The UCSC Funding Committee ensures all allocations meet the established guidelines and ensures that any allocation abides to the purpose of this organization.

The committee is comprised of the associate director of Educational Partnerships and Student Advocacy, the graduate assistant for First-Year Programs, and the executive members of UCSC (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, public relations, and two appointed senators), all of which serve a one-year term or length of the position.

The committee reviews proposals in the month of July for the next academic year and then monthly until funds are depleted for the year. All funded programs receive notification within 10 days after the allocation has been approved. Any questions regarding funding should be directed to 317-274-4431 or

Monthly budget review

The UCSC Funding Committee reviews funding requests on the third Tuesday of each month during the academic year.

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