Faculty Roles, Responsibilities, Recognition, and Development Committee

The committee will: 

  1. Provide advice and guidance to the faculty on issues related to faculty roles, responsibilities, and recognition regarding teaching, service, and research 
  2. Function as a nominating committee for all elected positions and standing academic committee appointments 
  3. Review nominations for University College appointments and make recommendations to the dean 
  4. Participate in search and screen procedures for new lecturer appointments 
  5. Review awards 
  6. Advise on professional staff development 
  7. Serve as a link between the rest of campus and University College on issues of faculty development 
  8. Collaborate the role and accomplishments of University College to the rest of campus 
  9. Promote faculty development in first-year experience courses


  • Wendy Crandall, Administrative Support
  • Sarah Lang
  • Gina Londino-Smolar
  • Kathleen Marrs
  • Carly Schall
  • Robert Yost, Chair